Jasper Elementary School Profile


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Jasper Elementary School

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Welcome to TigerNation

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158 Stegall Dr. Jasper, Georgia 30143
   706.253.1730 (Fax) 706.253.1735

  • April 20 Progress Reports
  • May 21 Kindergarten Field Day
  • May 21 1st Awards and Field Day
  • May 22 2nd Field Day and Awards
  • May 22 3rd Awards anf Field Day
  • May 23 4th Field Day and Awards
  • May 23 5th Field Day
  • May 25 Last Day of school
  • May 25 K & 5th Awards
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Jasper Elementary School Profile

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in North Georgia, is the small town of Jasper, Ga.  Jasper is the county seat for Pickens County and the home of the Pickens County School System. Pickens County has approximately 25,000 residents.   Currently 520 residents are being educated at Jasper Elementary School. (JES) The current school building was built in 1956.  However, the original campus dates back to 1927. 

Jasper Elementary School is one of four elementary schools in Pickens County.  It is the second oldest of the elementary schools in the district. In addition to the four elementary schools, the system has two middle schools and one high school. With a rich history, JES continues in a state of transition.  Grade level configurations have gone from K-12 to K-3, with several different ones in between. Currently the school houses Kindergarten through 5th grade.  The campus is the home to JES, North Star (a Special Education center), Ombudsman  (an alternative school), Mountain Education Center (an alternative night school), GLRS (Georgia Learning Resource Services), and the school system central office. 







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