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158 Stegall Dr. Jasper, Georgia 30143
   706.253.1730 (Fax) 706.253.1735

  • April 20 Progress Reports
  • May 21 Kindergarten Field Day
  • May 21 1st Awards and Field Day
  • May 22 2nd Field Day and Awards
  • May 22 3rd Awards anf Field Day
  • May 23 4th Field Day and Awards
  • May 23 5th Field Day
  • May 25 Last Day of school
  • May 25 K & 5th Awards
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Because student safety and behavior are such important aspects of education, Jasper Elementary School has implemented the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support program (PBIS). This is a manner in which we work with individual students to support behavior in and out of the classroom setting. It is a multi-tiered approach that addresses the needs of the entire school as well as each, individual student.

According to the Georgia Department of Education web site, PBIS is an evidence-based, data-driven framework proven to reduce disciplinary incidents, increase a school’s sense of safety and support improved academic outcomes. More than 19,000 U.S. schools are implementing PBIS and saving countless instructional hours otherwise lost to discipline. The premise of PBIS is that continual teaching, combined with acknowledgement or feedback of positive student behavior will reduce unnecessary discipline and promote a climate of greater productivity, safety and learning. PBIS schools apply a multi-tiered approach to prevention, using disciplinary data and principles of behavior analysis to develop school-wide, targeted and individualized interventions and supports to improve school climate for all students.

Behavioral support is given to all students in each of the following areas:

        • Social skills instruction

        • Positive and proactive discipline

        • Social behavior expectations

        • Active supervision and monitoring

        • Positive acknowledgement

        • Fair and corrective discipline

Students are issued individual behavior cards each 9 weeks. Misbehavior or disrespect will result in a loss of points. The accumulation of lost points will result in tiered consequences such as parent contact, parent conference, or office referral. If points are lost, students have an opportunity to earn them back with good behavior. Each child must discuss this with their teachers. At the end of each 9 weeks, there is a large reward for any student that had at least 90 of the original 100 possible points. These rewards include activities such as a PBIS Reward Dance, movie, extra recess time with a special activity and more!


For more information, plese contact the school or visit https://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/Special-Education-Services/Pages/Positive-Behavioral-Interventions-and-Support.aspx.








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